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Service Items

Consultancy Services

For overseas businesses who are ready to enter the Chinese market and want to understand the policies, processes and operation modes of China's cross-border e-commerce;

Platform Entry

For overseas businesses who have decided to enter the Chinese market and want to quickly settle in various platforms of cross-border e-commerce in China, the success rate of opening stores is 100%;

Store Hosting

We provide professional store trusteeship services for overseas businesses with 1-3 stores in China;

Brand operation

Accept the exclusive authorization of all platforms to operate on behalf of overseas merchants, sign strategic cooperation agreements, and be fully responsible for sales;

Cross Border Logistics

Provide logistics and supply chain services such as global direct mail, overseas warehouse and China bonded warehouse, and provide personalized global supply chain solutions for businesses;

Data Mining

Provide market data related to China's cross-border e-commerce, including industry trend, brand analysis, sales opportunity single product analysis, production analysis, risk assessment, etc., so as to improve the decision-making ability and timeliness of

Service Process
Step 1: Needs Communication Step 2: Competitive Product Analysis Step 3: Operation Strategy Step 4: Signing The Agreement Step 5: Plan Execution
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